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説明:AIROU(トウル-プくん)がユヅルをジャンプさせてるところ これ

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Anonymous asked: what does he say? Can you understand what he says? Please mini translation




I can’t really translate it, since I’ve never played the game before, but from what I hear, he’s pretty much just talking to himself… Michi, be more descriptive

Heehee ^^

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a character called Airou (Pronounced Airu). That’s who Yuzu’s muttering to himself about. 

In the beginning, he goes “Airou, help me! Airou, help me!” While battling a monster, his character jumps, and he notes that “It’s fun!” After that, he goes “Airou, jump~! Jump~!” Which is followed by an “AIROU JUMP!!!!” He then proceeds to make a weird sound that’s kind of like “hiyaaaaa!” He then thanks Airou for helping him clear the level or beat the monster ^^

After the release details, he comments that “Airou’s jump is super high, like five times as high as mine”

Also, underneath his name, it says “Special Ability: Jump” ^^ 


Mhm. After watching him play, I kind of want to play the game also now. This is a very good marketing strategy. mhm.

I’m really sorry if this wasn’t what you were hoping for ;v; It was the best (Well, kind of) that I could do with my limited knowledge of everything ;v;

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